"A minor shift in mindset, creates major outcomes."

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Minor Mindset specializes in adolescent life coaching. We focus on helping young people develop the tools needed for academic and behavioral success.


It happens everyday inside and outside the classroom, where children label themselves as: not fitting in, feeling a failure, being stupid, being different or worthless. Children don’t get to this thought space on their own. Perceptions of their inabilities rather than their abilities are reinforced daily by adults, other children and media influence. Children will come to believe this as their truth and this leaves them vulnerable to life’s natural ebb and flow of stress.

Minor Mindset was founded out of a desire to support the growth of children's capacity to develop confidence in their innate abilities. Our desire is to see children overcome negative influences so that they can reach their full potential. Coaching children to create a healthier body and mind is paramount to success. With over 20 years as an Educator, Behavioral Interventionist and Student Advocate, Coach Nick has the necessary tools to help children live an inspired life.

A minor shift in mindset, creates major outcomes.

What is an Adolescent Life Coach?

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An Adolescent Life Coach offers practical and measurable short-term support to everyday children with everyday challenges.

An Adolescent Life Coach partners with children and young adults to develop the skills, confidence and ability to thrive in their lives. Resilience and Mindset Development are key parts of the practice.

An Adolescent Life Coach focuses on the present moment, without deconstructing the causes behind the current situation.

Adolescent Life Coaching, provides the skills to improve coping and resilience in children no matter their stressors. All children need a support system in place that reassures them consistently that stress is an important tool that helps them grow and learn and ultimately gives them the power to deal with whatever life's challenges.

Supporting your child with a Minor Mindset Life Coach will generate greater social, emotional, physical and intellectual outcomes through a preventative approach.

Minor Mindset Helps Children To

  • Implement daily routines to eliminate stress and anxiety

  • Improve social interaction and develop friendship skills

  • Improve academic results

  • Improve listening skills

  • Improve communication

  • Reduce negative self defeating behaviors

  • Improve cooperation and ability to follow instructions

  • Increase confidence

  • Take responsibility for their actions

  • Create a sense of calm and increase focus

  • Increase motivation and happiness

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Let's Talk Process...

  • Motivation is an ongoing process. To ensure follow up and follow through of skills learned and ongoing support, coaching consists of 12 sessions over a 7-month period
  • The coaching process is based on well researched psychological theories that have been packaged so children can easily understand and apply key elements
  • Each parent does a pre and post online assessment for their child so that the process can be tailored with specific outcomes and results can be tracked
  • All skills coached are consolidated and reinforced through home-based projects
  • The key ingredients for a healthy life are strengthened through brain based exercises, healthy eating, sleeping, exercise, positive leisure time and new learning
  • The ultimate goal is to build confidence and enhance strengths rather than focus on weaknesses
  • Part of our success is dependent on collaboration with teachers/therapists/doctors and any other professionals involved with the child

A minor shift in mindset, creates major outcomes.



“Mr. Nick brought professionalism, genuineness and authenticity to the very first session and throughout these past 12 weeks. It was our pleasure working with him. We enjoyed it. To see our child thrive academically but bring added structure and having an accountability partner with your everyday life and activities was amazing. My son found a safe space with a trustworthy human being.”

"As parents, we recognize your work profoundly impacts our daughter's life. Your guidance and interventions have helped her develop valuable coping skills and contributed to her overall growth and self-confidence. We are witnessing positive changes in her attitude, outlook, and interactions, which we attribute to your expertise and compassionate guidance."

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“We are fortunate to have worked with you, and we highly recommend your services to anyone in need. Once again, thank you for your outstanding care, guidance, and support. May you continue to touch the lives of others and bring hope and healing to those who need it most.”

“My son gained confidence to be assertive and to advocate for himself in a respectful manner. Mr. Nick’s de-stress cards worked to help him wind down at night to power off so he would be refreshed and recharged. Everything was age appropriate and can be used with daily life skills. I love that my son is more conscious and eager to learn.”

Change your Mindset and the results will follow

“Your professionalism, expertise, and unwavering dedication have impacted our daughter's well-being and our entire family. Please accept our deepest gratitude for your exceptional work and for making a positive difference in our daughter's life. Your commitment to helping others and your contributions to the mental health field are commendable.”

“By working with Coach Nick my son has gained better organizational skills, by using his planner and setting reminders on his phone. Instead of allowing the day to pass him by.”



A minor shift in mindset, creates major outcomes.

"Children require consistent and ongoing encouragement to live from their imaginations, not their past."

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